Inside the advanced tab within Theme Options you have the ability to write custom CSS and Javascript, as well as paste in any scripts you may have. The advanced tab within theme options contains 4 submenus:

  • GoogleMaps API
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS

Maps API & Analytics Code

To use our custom made visual composer module for "Custom Google Maps", you will need to place in your GoogleMaps API key. To get a free GoogleMaps API key, head to and select "Get a Key", you can follow the steps from here to get your API Key.

You can paste your Google Analytics code, or any other tracking scripts you may have within the "Google Analytics" tab. (Make sure to paste in the whole script).

Custom CSS & Custom JS

If you are an advanced user of FitnessGym and you wish to add in your own custom CSS or Javascript, this can be done within the dedicated fields in the advanced section of Theme Options.